All Premium Series


WD was established with the notion to revolutionalize the motorcycle world by evolving performance, ergonomics, and safety. We understand how form follows function and strives to provide maximum protection while conserving style and functionality. WD is built on passion, teamwork, and a determination to be competitive and accessible. The best part is valuable feedback from professional riders that made us produce just what you need. We develop the gear that helps to perform in great comfort and safety. We are striving to make you follow your passion without any fear. The strengths we possess that made us achieve this goal are


WD was created with the notion of saving lives. We are committed to offering you products that will be trustworthy and essential companions of your road adventures. And because we interact and engage with our customers directly, it makes us understand what they are looking for, and we are always ready to embrace if there is anything that can add value and make us do even better. Motorcycle enthusiasts know that we meet their standards to make their bold dreams come true.


WD believes dreams and teams work together. We have the best people who share a mutual passion for motorcycle sports to produce products that stand out in the market. We have a team of manufacturers who excel in their respective capabilities with up-to-date knowledge and innovative ideas, a team of hyper-vigilant professionals whose loyalties lies within this sport to redefine what's possible.


We are here to help you suit up with the best possible apparel for your road motorcycle rides. The material we use in our apparel is engineered and developed to ensure high-performance levels in the time of need. Our products are subjected to various quality tests to ensure performance, comfort, and resilience. We are ceaselessly focusing on providing you with the finest protective gear to make you the king of the road.


Safety in motorcycling is paramount. Beyond just wearing gear, it's essential to ensure everything fits well for your safety on the road. A snug-fit gear stays close to the body and performs its function in times of need. Since our founders are motorcycle enthusiasts, they know how fitting and comfort matter on the road. While considering our own experience, we are striving to produce gear that not only fits well but is comfortable enough so that you can enjoy the thrill more confidently.

Design & Style

We believe that motorcycle apparel shouldn't be bound to riding only. Choosing gear that is stylish yet protective seems like an enormous obstacle. But here we are to provide you with the gear you can wear on and off the road. Our gear is designed to meet all your riding needs with all-around protection and engineered ergonomics that will give you the confidence to reach your full potential.

Fair Price

Price is a big game when choosing premium products. Professional riders wear high-end gear that regular riders can get by spending thousands of dollars, ultimately making it inaccessible. We entered the market with a motive to offer premium products at a fair price so that you don't have to think twice before buying. We use identical approaches and materials on our gear to give you more in less because we play fair.