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How to size and buy a motorcycle jacket?

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    A motorcycle jacket is one of the essential pieces of gear when setting yourself up for a ride and perhaps the most challenging piece of gear to size and buy. Aside from your boots, pants, gloves, and helmet, a fine-quality jacket is essential to protect you from abrasion, lousy weather, and injuries. Whether you choose a textile or leather jacket, what matters the most is its functionality and, of course, the right fit.

    Types of Jackets

    While choosing a motorcycle jacket; it is important to keep in mind what components you are looking for and what features you are getting with the jacket. We have divided the riding jackets into two main types textile and leather.

    Textile jackets

    Textile motorcycle jackets, also known as touring jackets, consist of either mesh or full textile depending upon the weather and temperature. Looking at WD’s Miami Mesh Jacket

    You can see the mesh material panels at the front and back sides of the jacket with CE level 2 safety armors, windproof outer panels, and adjustability as per biker convenience. The jackets consist of mesh materials that are usually lightweight and ideal for summers to make you feel fresh and comfortable on long journeys. So unlike a full textile jacket, if staying cool is your goal, a mesh jacket would be a perfect pick. 

    On the other hand, some jackets are fully textile with high-end features like rubber padding, stretch panels, CE level 2 armors, and soft shell interior. For riders who are frequently on and off the bike, these jackets are ideal.

    To help you understand better, we have chosen WD’s Vegas 2.0 Men Textile Jacket.

    This type of motorcycle jacket will offer you maximum protection while riding as well as protection against the weather. From stealthy looks to incredible resilience and performance, this jacket is the whole package for people who like it classic and convenient. Full textile jackets are the choice of riders who love adventures and riders who just want to get out without worrying about anything.

    How should a textile motorcycle jacket fit?

    A textile motorcycle jacket should offer stretchy material on the elbows to accommodate the movement of your arms and should also produce more airflow than leather.

    Leather Jackets

    Leather jackets will give you all around-performance. These jackets can be casual or street style. Unlike textile, leather has good resistance against slide or crash. These jackets usually come with integrated protectors on the elbows and shoulders. Due to their neutral style, these jackets are perfect for various types of bike rides. But leather jackets do have weaknesses too. These jackets need a waterproof outer layer to ride in heavy rain, and they are not ideal for the summer sun. Here we have WD’s Autonomy Leather Jacket offering you premium quality leather, on-point ergonomics, protectors, and everything you are seeking in a leather jacket.

    How should a leather motorcycle jacket fit?

    A leather motorcycle jacket should fit snugly at first and should be comfortable while moving. Leather jackets typically stretched out over time

    Appropriate Fit

    Now if you have got an idea about the types of jackets. It's important to talk about the fit. American or regular fit is usually straightforward in looks offering generous space at the shoulders and arms. Whereas European or slim fit usually has a more tapered waist and the shoulders don't have extra room. Lastly, coming to the race fit, you will get this fit with racing or sports jackets because of their aggressive look and pre-curved shape. Now it's time to find your size with the preferred style and fit in your mind. It would be great if someone helps you with the measurements.

    For the chest, you need to stand straight and wrap the tape under your armpits around the chest. While taking waist measurements, You don’t have to measure the waist just like you do for your pants, you will wrap it a little bit higher just above your hip bone. For sleeves, some manufacturers suggest taking measurements from the back of the neckline to the bottom of the wrist. Some prefer to measure from the peak of your shoulder to your wrist bone. You can compare it with the size chart of the product.


    Now that you are familiar with the basics of jacket types, fits, and how to measure yourself. You are ready to pick a perfect jacket for yourself and make a plan to escape on the coming weekend. 

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