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Are hand-made leather jackets better?

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    Jackets have always been an essential part of the wardrobe for bikers. And if it's a leather jacket, you are already slaying the game. Leather jackets have become the preferred choice of outerwear for countless people. And even with new apparel, millions still prefer leather jackets due to their classy styles and versatility. But the question is, How do we select the best one? 

    Indeed handmade jackets are a piece of art and are unparalleled to what you find in factory-made mass productions. The craftsman adds more classiness and sophistication to the product, ultimately making it better. Here are some fine pieces from WD to elevate your look and set you out from the crowd.

    What are hand-made leather jackets?

    What are hand-made leather jackets?

    It all starts with the raw material. Since WD is maintaining its quality standards, we import high-quality leather from Asia just to make the best for you. All our jackets are made with full-grain natural leather, polyester lining, and a YKK zipper.

    Unlike mass-chain production, hand-made leather jackets are produced one at a time. A craftsman manufactures it with proper attention and precision to detail according to the given size and with appropriate high-quality stitching. In comparison, you cannot expect such detailing from factory-made jackets because they are stitched through machines that are programmed to intricate the details.

    Factory vs. Hand-made

    Jackets in the factory are produced with the help of machines in mass, whereas handmade jackets are completely crafted by a man with perfection and accuracy to ensure every measurement. Here are a few things to make you understand how a hand-made jacket is different and better than a factory-made.


    A factory-made leather jacket is limited in size, color, style, and material. In comparison, a Hand-made leather jacket provides you with a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, comfort levels, and other features


    Factory-made leather jackets usually come in primary colors like black, brown, and gray. On the other hand, a bespoke leather jacket has the option of choosing a color pallet and material according to your choice.

    Size and Fit

    Factory-made leather jackets available in the market are in standard sizes. In contrast, a bespoke leather jacket is tailored to your exact measurements offering your a perfect fit and comfort.