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This is a good summer riding

jacket!Protection without too much bulk. This is a good summer riding jacket! It "breathes" pretty well while providing armor protection. It's a mesh jacket with several pockets. There are 2 roomy hand pockets that hands will actually fit into, and an inside pocket with hook & loop closures.

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Great Jacket for Warm

Weather!Great Jacket for Warm Weather! I was looking for a warm weather riding jacket that didn't break the bank and came across the Miami Mesh from WD Motorsports, a seemingly new motorcycle apparel company. I'm very happy with my purchase.

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Great quality, great priceGreat

quality, great price. This motorcycle jacket is stylish, comfortable and breathable. It's very well made and well equipped for protection. Really can't beat the price, especially given the quality. Other than that, this is a great riding jacket for warm weather days.

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A Nice Jacket!

A Nice Jacket! The ventilation is great and it's like the jacket is not even there. The sleeves are quite long and fit my long arms perfectly. I'm not a huge fan of the Velcro but once again leveling my expectations it's really fine for the price. I'm considering buying the other WD gear now to match.

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Most Comfortable

The set of titanium rr gloves is excellent. The fit is good and the ventilation is sufficient. Of all the gloves I tested, these are by far the best and most comfortable. The materials used are high quality as well, at a very affordable price.