Leather or Textile Motorcycle Jackets

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    When you are a new motorcycle rider, picking the right biking gear is a struggle on its own. Most of the new riders have no clue what gear is right for them and this problem usually stems from a lack of experience and the wide variety of choices on offer. Gone are the days when your choices were limited to a certain few articles. Now-a-days, biking gear comes in various forms and categories to suit the needs of different kinds of bikers. When it comes to motorcycle jackets, you can pick either a leather jacket or a textile jacket. Both jackets have their own pros and cons that makes them suitable for different riders. Here we offer you a breakdown of each jacket type to help you in your decision of picking the right motorcycle jacket for you. Lets’ begin

    Things to consider before buying Leather or Textile Jackets

    Before we move to the actual matter at hand, there are a few factors you need to consider before making your purchase. Motorcycle jackets don’t come cheap, so it is better to educate yourself before parting with your hard earned cash. These considerations include:

    Your budget:

    This one is pretty straight forward. The kind of motorcycle jacket you will able to buy will depend upon your budget. If there are no budget restrictions on your side, then feel free to pick the jacket you want. If your budget is limited, then textile jackets are usually cheaper than their leather variants. However, both sides offer high and low quality stuff depending upon the price point.

    Protection from injuries:

    The main purpose of any protective gear is to protect you from injuries. Leather jackets always excel in this department. Although high end textile jackets do provide good protection, they are still surpassed by high quality leather jackets.


    Your jacket choice is also going to depend upon the climate of your area. People living in cold climates should prefer leather jackets while hot weather people should go with textile jackets as they provide better ventilation and airflow.

    Leather motorcycle jackets

    Things to consider before buying leather motorcycle jackets

    Leather motorcycle jackets are made from different kinds of leather like goat hides, kangaroo hides and cowhides. Among these, cowhides are most commonly used for making Leather motorcycle jackets. Most of the affordable leather jackets come from cowhides. Leather motorcycle jackets have the following advantages:

    Leather motorcycle jackets Advantages

    • Leather jackets are more stylish and the traditional choice for many riders. If you are looking for something simple and stylish to wear, leather jackets are your pick.
    • Leather motorcycle jackets offer high levels of abrasion resistant and offer more protection than other jacket types.
    • Leather motorcycle jackets usually last for a long time especially if proper care is taken.
    • They come with high level armor which offers good protection against accidental injuries.


    • Leather motorcycle jackets tend to be more expensive than textile jackets. Most of the high end stuff is going to cost you a good amount.
    • Leather motorcycle jackets are heavier than textile jackets and are therefore not ideal for wearing in hot weather.
    • Exposure to water can cause serious harm to your leather jacket. Although waterproof Leather motorcycle jackets are available, they are often pretty expensive.
    • When it comes to Leather motorcycle jackets, extra care is required. Having a leather conditioner on hand is a must.

    Textile motorcycle jackets

    Things to consider before buying textile motorcycle jackets

    Textile motorcycle jackets serve as an alternative for leather motorcycle jackets. These jackets offer the following advantages and disadvantages:

    Textile motorcycle jackets Advantages

    • Textile motorcycle jackets are more affordable when compared to leather motorcycle jackets. They usually come in wide range of prices making them a good choice for people on a budget.
    • Textile motorcycle jackets offer far more versatility than leather motorcycle jackets. They come in various categories and some jackets can be worn all year regardless of the season. Presence of removable liners and zippers can help you in adjusting your jacket according to the season.
    • Textile motorcycle jackets are usually windproof and waterproof so you don’t have to worry about getting soaked during rainy seasons.


    • They are less protective when compared to leather motorcycle jackets. Textile jackets aren’t as heavy as leather jackets and some of them don’t even come any protective armor.
    • They provide less abrasion resistant than leather motorcycle jackets.



    As you can see, both kinds of jackets come with their own benefits and drawbacks. The kind of jacket you pick is going to depend upon various factors. Keep in mind that protection should be your number one priority while picking a motorcycle jacket.